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About Us

Dream, Think, Do

GOdear, founded in 2023, offers a wide range of specialists Transportation Information including Travel, Bus Service, Routes and modelling, artificial intelligence and deep learning services. From traffic impact studies & modelling to roadway geometric & pavement design, to complete management of programs from planning to delivery, we do it all! We provide our services to both public & private sector clients and help them deliver transport networks & infrastructure from concept to reality. At Godear, our knowledgeable team’s intellect & skill ensures the success of projects by providing our clients expertise & support in accordance with use of engineering principles, information & technology & functional design practices. Our multi disciplinary team, knowledge of latest trends & local roots enable us to understand the prevailing issues with multiple perspectives & makes us to meet technical excellence to produce innovative solutions that meet the client & community needs.

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Mission Statement

To set standards in the field of transportation Travel & traffic info by practicing & developing principles & policies, & establish the norms as well as ensure practicality & applicability.

Our Vision

To maintain high standards & professionalism as a fully functional three tier organisation with Travel info Transportation Consulting, Transportation Product Development & Transportation Research & Development in order to promote entrepreneurship.


Our philosophy is to deliver efficient, practical, intelligent & adaptable solutions for conventional as well as novel transportation issues. We design solutions based on objective to satisfy current as well as future needs. 

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